Potpis Saše Vasića

Before my biography, just a few words about music…

Although I’ve always found it easier to express my thoughts and feelings through music, this time I will share with you my wishes, desires, fantasies, goals and achievements through a short story.

Music has been the best and most sincere thing in my life. I fell in love with it in the 1980s, when I started listening to the domestic and foreign music of that time, and this love has remained unaltered to date. We had a baby grand piano at home, and my starting to play it was just a matter of time. At the beginning, I played the melodies I knew by ear and, at the time, this sounded divine to me. My father noticed I had an affinity to music and gave me an acoustic guitar for my birthday. Still, I had no contact with it until a year later when a new music teacher came to our school and asked if anybody wanted to attend guitar classes. I applied, and, using the few things I’d learned about music while playing the piano, after several introductory lessons I learned how to apply this knowledge on my new instrument. My guitar became my inspiration, so I started composing my own music, and with every new song there came new dreams of travel, concerts and albums. When the time came for these dreams to come true, I understood the real strength of music, the real strength of genuine love that surmounts obstacles that would otherwise be unsurmountable. And we succeeded! Music and I, shoulder to shoulder, step by step, we made my childhood dreams come true. Going along this neither short nor simple path, we took no shortcuts, we resisted temptations that came in the form of deception, tempting yellow press offers and faking of emotions for the sake of success and popularity. We haven’t changed since that first day when I sat at the piano, we’ve remained the same, sincere and lovestruck. The quality of music, which in my opinion represents the most beautiful of all arts, and its emotional message have never been and will never be compromised.

The 1980s music, which I loved even when I was a boy, had the greatest influence on my music, and the event which largely shaped me into the person I am today was Live Aid. I think that this concert, where the most eminent musicians of the time left aside their vanity, competition and everything that separates people, and instead joined their forces and proved at this amazing concert that music literally saved lives, made me realize its importance and power.

Even today, every time I step on the scene it feels like a celebration, and I’m not sure that words can describe the feeling I have when I see that people respond to what I unreservedly give. I’m not sure I could name each and every concert I’ve had in my 25 years of career in music, but some of them have left a special impression on me, I will always remember them gladly and that’s why I have given them a special place in my biography …




Saša Vasić was born in Kruševac on June 6, 1967.

His professional music career started in 1992, when he became a guitarist in the O Đila band, where he remained until 1994. In the meantime, he founded the band called Misija, which became famous for their vocal harmony and music played on acoustic instruments. This nine-member band played their own arrangements of the 1970s and 1980s music at clubs throughout Serbia.

In 1997, he performed the song Jednom (Some Day) he had composed at the Budva Music Festival and won the best interpretation award. Following this award, the Komuna record company offered to release his first solo album, after which the six-month recording process started.

In 1998, the album Bez imena (No Name) was released and he made a guest appearance at the concerts of the legendary ex-Yugoslav band Indexi at the Sava Center concert hall in Belgrade and the SPENS arena in Novi Sad.

His first solo concert took place at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad in October 1999. In view of the great reaction of the audience, another concert was scheduled and held at the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade. Both concerts were specific, because they were unplugged and because he was accompanied by a band and a string quartet.

The year 2000 started with another concert with the band and string quartet, this time at the Novi Sad Sinagoga concert hall, after which he released his second album entitled Jednom u životu (Once in a Lifetime) for the Košava record company. That year, he also won the best interpretation award at the Zrenjanin Music Festival.

At the 2001 Budva Music Festival he performed the song K’o lijana (Like a Vine),  composed by Kornelije Kovač, who won the best song award, while Saša won the best interpretation award, which had meanwhile been named after Davorin Popović, the singer of the Indexi band, who had died earlier that year.

In 2002, he recorded a compilation album entitled K’o lijana, released by the City Records record company, after which he held big solo concerts at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad and the Dom Sindikata concert hall in Belgrade.

At the 2004 Budva Music Festival he won his first award as a composer for the song Bol do ludila (Unbearable Pain), performed by Marija Šerifović (2007 European Song Contest winner).

In 2009, City Records released his album Možda (Maybe) and he held a concert at the Terazije Theater in downtown Belgrade.

Throughout this period he composed music for other musicians and for documentaries, and  held concerts at theaters and cultural centers throughout Serbia and Montenegro.

The single Zagrljaj (Embrace) was promoted in 2017, announcing the December 12, 2018 release of his new album SAN (Dream), which he recorded for the Menart record label. Promoting the album on the date of the release, Saša, accompanied by his band, held a mini concert at the Belgrade-based Remiks Gastro Bar club. Within the event, he also promoted the video for the song entitled Praznici (Holidays).